Sparkle Ties is a new online retail for dynamic neckties that really "sparkle". We take care in providing excellent quality and unique designs. Carefully chosen fabrics and designs are only part of what make these ties sparkle.

Sparkle Ties also get their sparkle from the shiny metallic fibers woven into the fabric and rhinestones embedded as the accents to their stunning designs. However, the true sparkle of Sparkle Ties comes from our satisfied customers’ smiles as they receive compliments for wearing their Sparkle Ties.

Sparkle Ties promotes recognizing the sparkle in life. We value all the moments in life that sparkle – big and small. Do not let a busy schedule or difficult challenge dull your countenance. Just let your inner light sparkle! You will be surprised what a difference that will make on your day, and on those around you.

Life Sparkles and so should you!

For Business or Pleasure?

Put the Sparkle back into your career!

Studies show that people perform better when they dress nicer. Casual Fridays can be very comfortable, but can also lead to casual performance. Sparkle Ties takes the traditional office attire and transforms it into something fashion forward and expressive. This way, our customers can celebrate their diverse personalities in the office without sacrificing their professionalism. Don’t get lost in a sea of the same plain suits and ties. Stand out and be noticed by wearing Sparkle Ties!

Put the Sparkle Back Into Your Relationship!

Do you have someone special in your life? Is there someone special that you would like to have in your life? Show them how much you care by taking that special someone on a formal date every now and then. Dressing up and spending a meaningful time out together regularly can help ignite new flames or kindle weaker ones. You can even plan ahead by picking out a Sparkle Tie to complement each other’s outfits. Don’t let your relationship get away from you! Get your Sparkle Ties and go on a date today!

The Mission

Sparkle Ties values living an upbeat and positive life. Life should sparkle. We believe that starts with our own attitudes. At Sparkle Ties, we want people to look good, so they can feel good. When people feel good, life starts to sparkle for them again, and positive attitudes are contagious. Change the world with Sparkle Ties by looking good, feeling good, and doing good.

Put the sparkle back into your life, and the world!

The Vision

Sparkle Ties will challenge the status quo for neckties by helping customers get excited about ties again. Our team will encourage the imaginations of our customers by listening to them, learning what they want, and exceeding their expectations. Sparkle Ties will remain the leading brand for ties that sparkle and stand out in the U.S.